Sorrento Villa

We stayed in Villa Jasmine for a week, five adults and two children, aged 9 and 7. The house very big, with two living spaces inside, and one outside. It is about 1.2km walk from the station, and the centre of Sorrento. It isn’t a particularly nice walk, as many streets don’t have footpaths.

The compound seems to mostly have locals living in it. It was too early in the season for us to try the pool, but the “children’s playground” is a large green lawn with a broken swing on it.

The house itself was not well furnished. In particular, the kitchen was short of many things I would expect for such a large house. There was just enough to cook a basic pasta meal, but the barbecue was tiny, so very difficult to cook for 7, and the crockery and cookware needed a fair bit of improvisation to make a reasonable meal. Although the website promised a DVD player and a microwave, neither were in the house.

On the plus side, once we pointed out the many deficiencies, the owners spent a day organizing tradespeople to fix them. But the negative from that was that we needed to spend a day in the house with tradespeople coming in and out.

We have stayed in a lot of apartments and villas around Europe. For the price we paid, this was very disappointing, and I would not recommend it. If you are after a spacious place without wanting to use the kitchen at all, it might work for you, but most people, particularly with families, choose villas so that they can cook occasionally without having to go out to restaurants all the time.

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