Coeur de France language school


We stayed at Coeur de france for two weeks in March 2011.

Three of us did a family immersion course for two weeks. Evan speaks pretty good French already, so spent the two weeks enjoying the lovely ambience of the small town of Sancerre.

The course taught us more than I had expected. I had fairly basic high school French, most of which I had forgotten, and I have now got to the point of being able to interact in French with a variety of people. For example, I got my hair cut. The boys started with very little French and are now happy to try it out on most adults they see, and have started to learn a little grammar. Having all three of us in the classroom worked much better than I expected, partly due to the excellent teaching.

The extra excursions and cooking lessons, and pronunciation lessons each morning all helped with the immersion into French in a very enjoyable way.

The apartment was very nice, and in the school building itself (which is a converted 16th century building). It wasn’t luxury, but compared favorably with apartments we have rented elsewhere, with good kitchen and cooking facilities, a washer and dryer.

Sancerre itself is a lovely little town, with quiet enough streets that the boys could run around to their heart’s content. The nearby countryside is full of vineyards, with lots of options for walking through the vineyards, or just to a nearby village patisserie or fromagerie.

I’ve never done any other language courses, so I can’t compare, but this taught us a huge amount of French, and has been one of our favorite parts of our three months in France – a pretty good combination.

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