Bedouin Camp

We did a half day jeep tour with Bedouin Directions, which is run by Mehedi Saleh Al-Hewaitaat. We had a wonderful time. Mehedi’s brother Aouda took us around the desert and showed us the many and varied aspects of Wadi Rum, and gave us a tasty lunch in the middle of the desert. Evan has blogged the day here.

The camp itself was very well set up, with a cozy warm tent, with lights coming from solar panels that had charged up during the day, and very warm blankets and comfortable mattresses. Dinner in the central tent and tea around the fire afterwards were a great way to unwind from the desert day. The toilets were in a separate concreted block, and perfectly adequate (not luxury, we were in the desert). There were also showers, but we didn’t brave the hot water.

Mehedi also arranged for our drivers for the rest of our Jordan trip, who were both friendly, and great with our kids.

Wadi Rum is an absolutely stunning place, and Mehedi and Aouda did a great job showing it to us.

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