We’ve been thinking pretty hard about what clothes we should wear. We’re going to spend most of our first three months in a central European winter, but we will be carrying whatever we take through a European summer as well, until we get to a north American winter again. So we’ve been thinking lots of thin layers.

But the winter sales are on at the camping shops, so we went and had a look today. We decided to buy Chatterboy and Climbing boy ski jackets – very warm and mostly waterproof. They were half price, and we figure we can decide what to do with them in April when they get too warm.

Now I’ve just got to decide whether that will work for me also. Should I get the proper ski jacket? The trouble with ski jackets is that they are very bulky and heavy. Or should I use the layers of Merino, fleece and rain jacket that worked reasonably well in the snow in Switzerland last year?

Different camping shops will give different advice. I’m thinking that I need to go in with everything I have and just ask them.