Less than a week to go

We’ve spent the weekend packing the house. While we thought we’d done that before, this time it’s seriously packed away. We move everything into storage, and move into a rented flat on Tuesday. ¬†And then, on Saturday morning, we’re flying out.

We’ve done yet another trial pack – this time much of our packing may stay in the packs, rather than coming out again for use. We’ve yet again filled the recycling to the brim and beyond for our Sunday night garbage collection. And Callum and Declan are heartily sick of being asked, by one of us, “can you just come up here and do this for me?”. It is hard, saying goodbye to this house. It’s a lovely house, in a beautiful part of Sydney. But in a week’s time, we’ll be sitting in Singapore, by the pool, recovering from the trials and tribulations of leaving.

1 thought on “Less than a week to go

  1. Wow. It’s really getting close. I’m strangely excited! And so envious…we’re still hoping to get to Egypt before we leave the Middle East, so do to tell us when you’re closer.

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