We’ve given the boys a challenge for Singapore. If they can get us to an amusement park that they choose (Declan is very keen for a rollercoaster) by themselves – do all the research, and work out the directions, then they can go to one. Until then, we’ll keep choosing places to go ourselves.

I suspect they would have chosen today’s activity regardless, though. We went to visit Singapore’s science museum – the Singapore Science Centre. It bills itself on its website as one of the top ten science museums in the world, which had me a bit sceptical (10 is a large enough number that you can easily make up the outcome).

Callum loses his head in the science museum

It was full of lots of hands on science exhibits – all of which worked (those of you who have listened to us whinge about Sydney’s Powerhouse will know why that was important). The first section had a wonderful set of optical illusions, the piece de resistance being the headless child exhibit – Callum did the best job of a terrified face.

Evan sits still in the Faraday cage while 3.7 million volts course around him

But the most exciting exhibit, at least for one member of the family, was the Tesla coil. Evan got to sit inside a Faraday cage while 3.7 million volts raged around him. He appears to be less perturbed than Callum, although that could have been the effect of the crowd watching him.

A quick visit to the dinosaur exhibit (disappointing) and the cafe (rubbish coffee, but cheap, as food seems to be in Singapore) and we were ready for the waterworks, which did have some science vaguely involved, but was mostly a great excuse to run around and get soaking wet in the midday heat.

Callum and Declan “learning some science”

Knowledge imparted: 6/10 (mostly about rice, oddly enough)
Fun factor: 9.5/10
Cafe factor: 6/10 (cheap, easy to find, rubbish coffee)
Expense: 7/10 (S$36 for a family of four)
Unique factor: 4/10 Low – except for the waterworks, which would be hard to reproduce if you couldn’t guarantee heat all day, every day.

For Evan’s geeky review of the Museum see here.

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  1. in malaysia here is a science centre it is free to get in and its fun it also informative as it has iq questions/puzzles

    have a nice trip 🙂

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