Best museum so far

Callum ponders a dentist's drill
Callum ponders a dentist’s drill

Yesterday, after our attempt to learn some history, we went back to our first love, science, and the Haus der Natur, our new favourite science museum. Evan’s already blogged about this, so here is a bonus photo from our second visit. Note that even the waterplay is superior to the average museum, with special damming and turbine options, donated by the local hydroelectric company.

Knowledge imparted: 9/10 (lots of things, but the boys now have a very firm grasp on the Doppler effect)
Fun factor: 10/10 (everyone demanded to go back the next day
Cafe factor: 8/10 (very nice coffee and hot chocolate, but tourist prices)
Expense: 8/10 (19 Euro for a family of four)
Unique factor: 9/10 High – lots of special exhibits you couldn’t find anywhere else, and quite a number only made sense in Salzburg (I particularly loved the local business science tie-ins like the dam equipment in this picture)

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