Security theatre

The Nile at Dawn
The Nile at Dawn

Every Egyptian place where tourists might enter is marked by a X-ray machine and metal detector. It’s got so that it is obvious when we’ve reached our destination, by the sight of a metal detector doorway and a bored looking security guard.

They are the least useful security I’ve ever seen, though, which has reached a new low at the hotel where we are staying in Aswan.

At the doorway, there is just a metal detector (no X-ray machine). So pretty much everyone sets off the metal detector carrying their bag through it. And no one gets searched!

I’m beginning to think that metal detectors are an Egyptian government requirement, because they certainly don’t seem to be using them to stop weapons getting in anywhere.

Even in the airport today (run by the military, as we are close to the border with the Sudan), only the men seemed to get searched if they set the detectors off. Certainly not the children, and mostly not the women either.

But despite the ineffective security, the most dangerous thing about coming to Egypt is still undoubtedly getting into a car.

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