Away from home-sick

Callum and Declan doing schoolwork in the hotel lobby
Callum and Declan doing schoolwork in the hotel lobby

There’s little that will make you pine for home more than feeling sick while travelling. I started coming down with something dreaded on our last day in Luxor. By the time we got on the sleeper train I was a shivering wreck. An entirely sleepless night cowering under a thin blanket, feeling every jolt on the train through my very bones, and desperately trying to avoid another visit to the putrid toilets left me a complete wreck. I barely stumbled to the hotel yesterday morning and spent almost the entire day asleep in a mercifully non-moving bed.

Luckily we’d always planned to have a really quiet couple of days and Jennifer and the boys were happy enough to fritter away a day reading and playing.

The world is looking better this morning and I’m now looking forward to moving on to Jordan. But if you’d asked me yesterday then the only place I really wanted to be was cosy and warm at home.

Of course, the people who bought our house might have been surprised to find me there…

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