Hotel: found

Luckily this wasn't our hotel, but Roman ruins in Jerash
Luckily this wasn’t our hotel, but Roman ruins in Jerash

After 10 days being mollycoddled from hotel to tourist site and back again, we were missing our guide, Sam, as we arrived in Amman airport this evening, to find a taxi all by ourselves.

We missed him even more when our taxi driver had absolutely no idea where the hotel was, getting a friend of his (with not much more idea) to drive ahead of him and stop every few blocks to try and figure out where to go next.

At one stage they both took Evan’s iPad, with its handy map ahead to the nearest street sign to check the location, which had everyone in the car hyperventilating until it came back.

But in the end, it was probably only 5 minutes of uncertainty, and now we are comfortably ensconced in our nice big apartment sized suite in Amman.

I’m just hoping that our driver tomorrow can figure out where the hotel is without an iPad to help!

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