Views of dining in Akko

Dinner in Akko has covered a bit of a range. The first night we had a meal in a tourist trap down at the port. It was a pretty average meal but about the most expensive meal we’ve had so far in the trip.

The two following nights we went to the other end of the scale and had feladel from a stall down the road run by a lovely local family: dirt cheap, tasty and quite healthy in a broad sense thanks to all the vegetables. Oh, and hated by the boys. The video says it all really.

Unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint, the felafel stall was closed tonight so we tried a small cafe round the corner. Medium priced, less healthy but the boys were ecstatic as it involved chips and no vegetables (the colourful bits around the table are all my ‘hommous with meat’) so that was a winner. Jennifer also thoroughly enjoyed demolishing a local fish.

Cafe dinner.

One meal we’ve failed to try yet is from the interestingly named stall we found in the souk.

Scary crepes.

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