Exploring on the run

Ready to run in Munich.

When I was packing for this trip, I agonised over my shoe choices. Should I bring the girly shoes for walking about town? Or should I bring my running shoes? I’ve been a runner off and on ever since I read this book 15 years ago. But right now I’m more off than on. A twelve month holiday, though, should be a great time to get fit, right?

So far, my running adventures have been less about fitness, and far more about exploration.

In Singapore, I ran along the Singapore river, and discovered a restaurant where the menu was entirely in Russian. In Munich, I ran to the English Garden, and discovered a completely frozen pond where we could set off fireworks. In Salzburg, I ran both sides of the Salzach river, and found a supermarket where we could buy some tomato soup for dinner. In Jerusalem, I got lost on Shabbat in one of the religious parts of town, and hoped that I wasn’t offending anyone with my revealing running gear.

Here in Krakow, I’ve discovered that it is possible to run when it’s -10 Celcius. And those temperatures are even a temptation to sprint occasionally.

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