Cooking and walking (and a goat’s hoof)

Cooking in French.

Last night we had a traditional French dinner cooked by a group of four Australians, two Canadians and an American – all under the guidance of two French teachers. It was entirely done in French to the occasional deep confusion of all concerned. The results: a cooked crottin, a salad, an onion tart and crepes and chocolate mouse were fabulous. We even managed a good dinner conversation entirely in French.


To make up for an evening of over-eating we set out on a long walk this afternoon. We walked a bit further South than we’d tried before to the tiny village of Menetreol-sous-Sancerre. The walk through the vineyards and under an old railway viaduct was lovely.

The village is really tiny but hasn’t been modernised in any meaningful way so looks great. There are some lovely old houses and the remains of a water-wheel to explore. The rather strange find was a window-sill holding a bottle, some rusty nuts and bolts and the lower half of a goat’s leg. Hmm.

By the canal.

From the village we walked along the canal, North, to Saint-Satur. We hadn’t originally planned on walking that far, but were pleased to see a different side to the countryside as the canal is inherently surrounded by lowland fields.

We took advantage of being in Saint-Satur to find the second supermarket in the region. Lightly stocked up, as we had for the millionth time neglected to bring bags with us, we marched back up the hill to Sancerre and a well-earned rest.

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  1. Your menu sounded delicious though I would draw the line at a chocolate mouse. Are you sure it wasn’t a moose?

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