Pottering in Poitiers

Romanesque church in Poitiers.

We had no real plan in visiting Poitiers, and it showed a bit today.

We chose a farmhouse outside Poitiers largely because it is near Futurescope – one of France’s premier destinations for kids; Poitiers itself was incidental to the whole plan.  So today’s trip to Poitiers itself was a hit-and-miss affair.

Poitiers has a nice Romanesque church, a rather stark Cathedral that was largely funded by the English when they controlled this part of the country, and an administrative building that once boasted the largest single room in Europe. The room’s still there, it’s just not the largest any more. All of this is surrounded by a fairly busy town that appears to house a great many students.

We spent a bit of a tiring afternoon strolling about. I think the only things that raised the afternoon above a very low-level for the boys were the presence of grandparents and an ice-cream at the end.

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