Riding through the vineyards

Our house comes complete with an enormous range of bikes so we’ve been doing some riding through the vineyards around Azille over the last couple of days.

The vineyards here are on the flat valley-bottom rather than the slopes. Presumably something to do with the way the water drains into the nearby rivers and canals keeps the valley suitably dry. Whatever the reason, the result is miles of green vines crisscrossed by tiny access roads. Some of the roads are tarred, some not. There is no traffic:  so far, over several hours of riding, we’ve seen a tractor and an old gentleman buzzing along on a moped.

Getting anywhere is a bit of a puzzle because the roads are designed for farmers getting to particular fields rather than dilettante cyclists trying to find a canal or boulangerie. But the exploring just makes it even more fun.

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