Six months around the world


We left home exactly six months ago today.

Perhaps appropriately, we’re spending much of today travelling. First from Seville to Madrid, then an overnight train from Madrid to Lisbon. Unfortunately the vagaries of the Spanish train system mean we have to go backwards to go forwards – although Seville is closer to Lisbon than Madrid there’s no train line connecting the two. No matter, we had a lovely leisurely lunch with Bob in a park and then the boys had a play in an amazing rope playground. The playground was by far the best we’ve seen anywhere in the world.

Anyway six months travelling. Honestly it doesn’t feel like six months have passed. Constant motion, constant novelty does that I suppose. Time has passed so quickly. We’ve visited 17 countries and stayed in over 30 towns. The list of new experiences is reassuringly long. We can pack in an inkling, settle in to a new place within minutes, navigate a strange place without even noticing it’s new. We are professional travellers.

Working together on the train to Madrid.

The boys have gained in confidence over six months of travel. They’ve also become closer to each other which is heart-warming to watch. I think they’ve learnt a lot too, although that can be hard to judge. It’s probably the sort of thing you need time and perspective to really see the impact of.

Amazing playground in Madrid.

It’s hard to not worry that the remaining six months will pass way too quickly as we’ll be counting down to going back home. We have seriously contemplated continuing travelling for another year or more, but it just doesn’t look like it would work. Which means six months out means only six months until we go back. I think our resolution for the next six months must be to simply enjoy them as much as the last six months – no counting down to the end.

For those who might come after: the playground is at the end of Av de Portugal, across the bridge and turn right – here on Google maps.

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