Pedal power and knocked knees

Pedal karts.

As a reward for finishing his maths exam this morning, Declan got to choose our afternoon activity. We headed back to Parque das Nações and rented pedal karts for an afternoon of high speed sight-seeing.

Note the cobbles.

Because the park is on reclaimed land it is a huge flat space laid out with little roads and pathways. Perfect for riding or karting or any other wheeled activity involving big wheels. I say ‘big wheels’ because almost the entire area is cobble-stoned and bisected by drains. With relatively large wheels this made for a bumpy ride, on roller-blades or the like it would have been impossible.

Speeding along.

We had a great time whizzing about and seeing the sights of the Park. It was a lovely clear day and the huge Vasco da Gama bridge arced over a clear blue sea. There were people strolling about adding a bit of excitement to the outing as we wended between them.

The pedalling was not too tough but the way the karts are set out means we all spent a great deal of time hitting our knees on the steering wheel. We’re going to have a lovely range of bruises tomorrow morning.

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