Through the chunnel

We flew through the tunnel under the Channel. I would share a photo but there wasn’t exactly a lot to see.

Hammersmith bridge in London
Hammersmith bridge and the Thames

We got off the train in London and immediately noticed that distinctive London smell. I’m not sure what makes it up, but it definitely has its own particular perfume.

This afternoon was spent at my cousin’s house meeting a variety of relatives. The boys met their second and fourth cousins who are pretty much the same age and had a great time playing computer games and running around all over the place.

Then it was off to Hammersmith to our rather down-market hotel for the night. We had a nice stroll by the Thames for a breath of fresh air.

We have been wandering about like country yokels, staring wide-eyed at everything. Not because of the big city. Just because everything is in English.

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