On to Windermere

Strange, after staying on a boat for a week, how the solid earth seems to sway when the boat didn’t.

Lovely creek in Windermere
Lovely creek in Windermere

Returning Grendal yesterday morning involved a final very tricky bit of helmsmanship. First a 180-degree turn so we were facing back the way we had come then an incredibly sharp right turn into the tiny canal the marina sits at the end of. Finally twisting down that little canal with boats moored on both banks. We managed it all without hitch or hitting anything and so finished our canalboating on a high.

In spite of a shaky first night it turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable week on the boat. We saw some lovely countryside, fed ducks and swans, and learnt some new skills. We’re agreed we’d do something similar again, but perhaps the Canal du Midi next time.

We whiled away a couple of hours in Rugby station playing 500 and then caught the train North. Rail travel is another thing the British do not seem to do as well as their continental neighbours – we were packed into the train like sardines. It took about two hours to get to Windermere where we found our, rather disappointing, apartment.

Luckily, a walk down to Windermere itself confirmed what a beautiful area this is. Huge smooth lake, mature trees, moss shrouded dry-stone walls along small paths.

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