Inishbofin Island and the secret cave

Sunrise at our house.
Leaving Clegan harbour on the way to Inishbofin Island.
Cromwellian fort at the entrance to Inishbofin harbour.
Starting our walk around Inishbofin.
A pebbly beach on inishbofin. Declan managed to skip a stone eight times.
Another Inishbofin beach - hey it's an island, beaches happen a lot.
Around Starvation Road - what a great name.
Rocks and seaweed - inishbobin has lots of both.
Typical view on the North-West coast.
The secret cave we found after picking our way through a peat bog.
Inside the sea cave on inishboffin.The cave was in two part with a skylight in the middle.
More of the cave where we had lunch out of the wind.
Inishboffin coastline.
Callum watching the world go by.
Boulders left behind by receding glaciers.
Intrepid adventurers.
Peat bogs.







The boys by the cliffs.
Walking the long green road.
Beach near the harbour.
Beach and islands.
Cromwellian fort on the way out of the harbour at the end of the day.

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