Seinfeld is our neighbour

Central Park New York
Central Park New York

Well after a tiring flight for Callum, who put on a bravura turn of his travel-sickness, compounded by absolutely no help from the air hostesses, we arrived in New York. We’re all very excited to be on a new continent and in New York.

We successfully navigated the train and subway system and stomped through the 28-degree heat to our new apartment which is quite literally next to where Seinfeld lived on West 81st Street. And we’re just over from the Museum of Natural History, which the boys are thrilled about because it featured in Night at the Museum.

We went out and had burgers and shakes from the iconic Shake Shack on a bench in Central Park. The burgers were just as good as reported. Then we headed on to find some breakfast cereal without sugar amongst the shelves of the local market; before collapsing back at the apartment to try to get a good night sleep before our first real day in New York tomorrow.

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    1. Hi. Unfortunately, we only have a week in NY before going to Peru. We’re then returning to the States, but not NY. A week just to scratch all the stuff we could do here is already looking impossible!

  1. Welcome to the U.S.! There’s at least one GeekDad and a couple of GeekMoms in New York City. Though you may be too busy. =) Have fun!

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