That didn’t go quite as planned

We’ve not had many days in nine months of travel like this one, but they are sort of inevitable.

Gratuitous shot of our brownstone apartment
Gratuitous shot of our brownstone apartment

For a start it rained today. And not a friendly, misty sort of rain. A proper, full-on, constant downpour with the drains overflowing and drenched people trudging everywhere under water-logged umbrellas. The number of people wearing rubber boots stands mute testament to the fact that New York does not do well in heavy rain.

Thinking to avoid being outdoors we headed off to NY Sci – the New York Hall of Science. Thanks to us all feeling lazy, and Cal having to be dragged through schoolwork, we had a late start. Once again we embarked on the subway; and once again we ended up in the wrong spot. Even without our navigation issues, the subway took forever and a day to make its creaky way out to Queens. Then after walking several blocks through the flooded streets we finally arrived at the Hall of Science – only to be told we’d arrived thirty minutes before closing time. To make matters more frustrating the museum looked excellent.

So we retraced our steps and finally arrived home thoroughly soaked and dissatisfied. We did however buy a lovely vanilla cake to console ourselves with, and it was yummy.

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