Sitting in the middle of the Amazon jungle looking at Sydney real estate ads might well be the definition of incongruous.

Checking real estate ads in the Amazon jungle

Checking real estate ads in the Amazon jungle

Some days the strangeness of this life seems to hit more strongly than others. Partly it’s moving from the Amazon to a bustling city. But more than that it’s returning to a rented apartment that we were last in before the Inca Trail, Macchu Picchu and the Amazon. And returning to this flat seems like coming home. And that’s not… not normal.

There’s no question we’re living a strange lifestyle. Everything we live from fits in a few backpacks. Even people in second- or third-world countries comment on how amazing it is to be able to live for a year out of a backpack. There’s no consistency, no reliability, no daily routine.

But what makes this really strange is that we’ve come to see this as normal. Contemplating going home and fitting back into a routine, finding a place to live for more than a week at a time, dealing with day-to-day stuff seems far more frightening than contemplating the next experience as we travel.

The fact that we’re now two months away from returning home and having to deal with the realities of what that means – from finding a place to live to getting a car to dealing with school – feels strange and unusual. Dealing with those things while sitting in Peru is just, just, just incongruous.

Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions about how to find a rental property in Sydney or wants to volunteer to look at a couple of places for us… just let us know!