Climate change in DC

Museum of Natural History.

Today seemed to be all about climate change for us. We began the day with a robust discussion of the Australian Government’s carbon tax. Callum, it turns out, is an advocate for a cap-and-trade system. Declan, I would say, is more of a mandatory cuts type of guy. Ah, schoolwork on the road.

Walking in the rain.

The Smithsonian Natural History Museum was filled with references to climate change. From explicit displays on the subject to discussion of the great extinction periods in history. Of course it had a lot of other cool stuff too: a room full of live butterflies; a great, gruesome exhibition on forensics; huge diamonds and sapphires. And fossils:  As today is international fossil day the Museum had special exhibitions including opportunities to talk with palaeontologists. We were particularly taken with watching the fossil team at work carefully revealing and preserving fossils.

By the time we were ready to leave our own mini-climate change was upon us. The hot Summer weather of the last two days had disappeared to be replaced by pouring rain. We ended up walking home in the rain and getting thoroughly soaked, which turned out to be quite fun really.

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