Meeting people

Supreme Court with protestors.

Today we went to Eastern Market to meet up with the family of a blogger-friend of Jennifer’s. As a mishap with their car-keys had them running late, we had an opportunity to explore the funky Eastern Market. There were lots of stalls with a great variety of goods many of which would have caused us to pause for longer had we been at home. Our favourite was one selling jewellery and cuff-links made from old typewriter keys and Lego mini-figs.

The Capitol.

Our new friends turned up and the boys all got on famously once they realised they had enormous common ground in Minecraft. There was much chasing about and screaming and exchanging of contact details. We had a lunch of po’boy rolls (first time I’d had one and they are great!), fresh lemonade and donuts that we saw roll off the conveyor-belt – how’s that for an American meal?. While the kids played in a nearby playground, the adults chatted and talked of travel, stay-at-home dads and DIY tracheotomy.

On our way home, we passed the Supreme Court complete with Occupy Wallstreet protestors and then walked past the Capitol in the sun.

A really pleasant day.

3 thoughts on “Meeting people

  1. Agh! We would have loved to join you, but the five-hour drive just proved to be too much. (Jennifer, is the family who I think it is?)

  2. Jody, am I who you were thinking of?

    Jennifer, it was wonderful to meet you and your delightful family in person, and so sorry about the delay. We all had a really good time.

    1. It was a shame we couldn’t see you as well Jody, five hours driving was too much for us too! Elizabeth, it was lovely to meet you all, and realise that you were the people who introduced us to Avatar!

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