Getting into the Halloween spirit

Our contribution to the street - and squirrels.

One of the things we’ve been looking forward to in the States is Halloween. We’ve decided to celebrate a little early because we’re settled in a house here in Washington and we’ll be in a hotel in San Diego when the day itself rolls around. The locals are leading in to the day anyway with houses all up and down our street getting into the spirit of things.

So we bought ourselves a pumpkin and hollowed it out. We’re quite pleased with the scary result and the local squirrels appear to be equally pleased with the food source.

Tonight we’re going to a Halloween party at the Zoo. We gave the boys a costume budget which they spent with great glee and quite a scary outcome.

1 thought on “Getting into the Halloween spirit

  1. “Cal’s costume – more brooding, less lights”
    After your message lauding American supermarkets, don’t you mean FEWER lights???
    Just being picky; I’m enjoying the daily input.

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