Montreal, a maze and medieval battlers in the park

Maple leaf.

I should, first, explain that Montreal is actually a very well laid out city and not maze-like at all. Mont Royal, after which the city was named, stands at its centre and streets lead neatly down to the water. Our path also led neatly past an amazing cupcake shop with Halloween themed cupcakes and the best coffee and hot chocolate we’ve had since France.

Down by the water stands an enormous shed inside which is an equally enormous labyrinth. The Shed 16 Labyrinth is a themed experience where you make your way through a huge maze solving a series of puzzles. The maze is incredibly complex and just huge. There are numerous different sections from spider-webs of ropes and bungee-cord, to rooms filled with hanging bags that buffet you as you try to negotiate your way to an exit. It’s a bit like doing a series of Survivor challenges in a maze. The puzzles were not enormously challenging; although, that said, we did get one wrong. After about an hour-and-a-half we emerged and managed to get the correct answer to the overall story arc and so find the serum that saved the world. So if you no longer feel like you are turning into an insectoid zombie, you can thank us at your leisure.

Autumn in Mont Royal.

After a morning running about inside, we spent the afternoon walking outside. Mont Royal is a huge park that forms the centre-piece of the city of Montreal. Its steep slopes are covered in trees and crisscrossed by numerous paths. Up here Autumn has firmly sunk its teeth into the land and the trees are glorious reds and oranges.

The cool weather did not prevent hoards of locals coming out to enjoy themselves. Apart for the normal walkers, runners and cyclists there was an enormous group of drummers, several people practising tight-rope walking on wires they strung between trees and a significant body of men battling with replica swords and shields. It was all wonderfully entertaining and a great way to end a really great first day in Montreal.

Colourful leaves.
Path through Mont Royal.

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