All amazed in Monterey

The Monterey Maze is a lovely combination of the old-fashioned and the very modern which works really well.

Monterey mirror maze.

First there is the mirror maze. We wended our way through a mirror maze many moons ago in the hills above Prague and were a lot less than bamboozled by it, so we were not expecting much of Monterey’s maze.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that perfectly clean mirrors make an enormous difference to the experience. We spent quite some time bumping into mirrors that we thought were passageways and stumbling through the darkness and strobe lighting. The sense that at any moment you could bump your nose on a solid mirror made navigation strangely scary and the maze amazingly effective.

Laser maze.

The modern element was a laser maze. This was the classic bank-heist set up with a grid of lasers across a room. If you broke the laser an alarm sounded and 30 seconds was added to your time.

The boys took markedly different approaches. Dec carefully wended his way through and did well not setting off alarms. Cal achieved much better times but at the expense of setting off alarms rather than being careful. Neither one is going to be a bank robber or joint the team on Mission Impossible, but both did much better than their parents.




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