Howe do you do?

Usually when we travel and rent apartments Jennifer and I get very focused on being sure we have our passports as we move and that we have the keys to the rented apartment firmly in hand before we venture out anywhere. Neither losing our passports or being locked out in a strange place has ever seemed very appealing.

So today has seen us having a vague feeling of something missing. We flew to Lord Howe Island which doesn’t require a passport. The Island is 600 km off the Australian coast and is an absolute gem. Flying in the island is just like something out of a movie. Palm-covered hills lead down to beaches and clear turquoise water. There’s hardly a sign of habitation other than the landing strip and in the distance the jagged mountain that is Ball’s Pyramid rises sheer from the ocean waters.

The Island is home to abut 350 locals and only 400 visitors are allowed on at a time. It’s a small, peaceful place. Small and friendly enough that no one locks their doors. In fact we haven’t even been given a key.

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