Shooting stars on the dock by the bay

This morning bloomed, well… changeable. One moment it was raining, the next dark and grey, the next sunny – the whole thing pushed along by a brisk Southern wind.

We went back down to Ned’s Beach and fed the fish again after the local shopkeeper, who has a nice sideline in used bread for fish-feeding, assured us that the scientists who said bread was bad for the fish didn’t know what they were talking about. We duly created fish maelstroms and then the boys had a great time bouncing about in the surf for ages.

After lunch the rain closed in and we chickened out of a turtle tour. Instead we played games inside until the weather cleared enough for a bike ride where we didn’t see turtles but did see sting rays?

Then dinner at the interestingly named Milky Way on the Moon which was rowdy with locals enjoying their Friday night. Then we walked back home. The wind had died down and the skies cleared.

Halfway we stopped at the dock by the bay and lay down at the end of the dock and watched stars, the Milky Way, the Magellanic Cloud and shooting stars. Even though last year we had been in places with equally clear views of the stars they were cold, so it was lovely to just be able to lie back and enjoy the show. And it turned out it was the first time the boys had seen shooting stars. A great way to end our time on Lord Howe.

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