A day too far in Hobart

imageAs we’d feared before starting out, Hobart has a limited range of activities to fill a long weekend.

We started out intending to spend the morning wandering around Battery Point. That proved to be ambitious in that we’d plumbed its depths in about half an hour. Battery Point has some lovely old cottages surrounded by well-kept gardens. It’s the type of thing that probably appeals mostly to retirees – both as a place to visit and a place to live.

We then went shopping for a box made of Tasmanian wood. There were a surprisingly small number of shops and they all seemed to have sourced their wood from the same place. Strike two.

So we weren’t expecting a lot from the Tasmanian Museum Art Gallery – which turned out to an unexpectedly good destination. Some of the exhibits are reminiscent of a garage sale; but then there are the sections on Antarctica and on the Tasmanian Aboriginals which are informative, well-presented and entertaining. We filled a pleasant couple of hours wandering about the Museum galleries.

Deciding that we’d better treat that as ending our Hobart visit on a high, we brought our long-weekend to a close and headed out to the airport.


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