Floating things at Phu Quoc

Famiana Resort.
Famiana Resort.

With our bikes left behind we said goodbye to our guide and boarded the Superdong IV for our trip out to Phu Quoc island. The Superdong is modelled on the riverboats, it’s long and thin and fast; and almost entirely enclosed. As it bounced its way through rough seas for two and half hours it didn’t take long until people we being sick all over the place. Really the whole trip joins similar boat experiences as something best forgotten about.

We finally arrived on Phu Quoc and staggered free of the boat into the waiting arms of the local representative. He loaded us into two minibuses and then proceeded to fill up every available space in the buses with anyone who wanted a lift. Luckily the trip to the Famiana Resort, our home for the next two nights, was not a long one.

The Famiana Resort is very new and very pleasant. We had a lovely afternoon splashing about in the Gulf of Thailand’s warm waters and playing with the huge inflatables moored just offshore. As the sun went down the adults sipped gin and tonics while the kids once again commenced their never-ending game of hide and seek. Tough life.


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