Jervis Bay and the best laid plans

Now that's a hat.
Now that’s a hat.

I blame the Spaniards, and it’s not because they are Spanish.

You see, Plan A was to go horse-riding. When we finally had everyone up and about at 10am, four hours after the first child arose, it was too late for horses. So Plan B was to go for a walk to Huskisson and visit the local Museum. Not a bad plan until it took us over two hours from that point to leave the house. Two pleasant hours playing with Julia, it must be said. But two hours nonetheless. Plan B(2) became walk to Huskisson and have lunch before visiting the museum.

Jervis Bay has a long walking and cycling path that follows the contours of the bay. It’s a lovely walk made even more picturesque by the thoughtful locals having poisoned the trees to get a view of the Bay from their balconies. There were signs all over the place threatening dire fines for anyone caught damaging the vegetation, their sheer numbers standing in dumb testament to how ineffectual they are. There was one much better local sign we spotted: “Bored water – Try and make it laugh.”

Anyhow, after a nice walk in the sun we arrived at Huskisson and had a 3pm lunch in the pub over-looking the Bay. It was only as we were winding up lunch that we thought to check the opening times for the Museum and find it closed in ten minutes, at 4pm. So now we were on to Plan C and ended up simply walking back to Vincentia.

Callum and Declan got a chance to push Julia in the stroller and we saw some lovely Parrots and Rainbow Lorikeets. I spent a lot of time wandering off the path and bumping in to things thanks to walking with my head turned sideway in a vain effort to spot a whale. While we didn’t see any signs of whales, the level of chop on the water confirmed our thinking that we have no plans to go on a whale watching cruise.

All in all a very nice, lazy holiday day. And, nothing daunted, over diner we made some new plans for tomorrow.

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