Kayak fighting

Anna and Bob safely at sea.
Anna and Bob safely at sea.

We went kayaking on Jervis Bay and its tributary river this afternoon.

At one level it was a nice kayak view of the Bay, although we once again failed to see any sign of aquatic mammals. But at another level it was a chance for the boys to attack their Uncle with water again and again and again. It must be said that Bob rose to his unlcle-y duties wonderfully and gave as good as he got; thanks partly to his having a more powerful water gun after a quick trip to the toy shop when we went grocery shopping yesterday.

It certainly helped that the temperature was well above 30 degrees, so any getting wet was more of a relief than a problem.

Sadly the day finished with us delivering Jennifer to the train station so she can go to work tomorrow. The rest of us are having a Spanish-influenced BBQ to finish off our holiday.




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