Finally, we find the Aurora


We’d just about resigned ourselves to not seeing the Aurora. Seven cold, late nights and not the slightest sign. And then at 5pm on our last night – there it is!

We were quite philosophical about missing the Aurora because we’ve had a fabulous time in Lapland anyway. So this morning we went tobogganing, and then had hot chocolate on the ski fields. Then Jennifer, Callum and Declan went ice-skating on the local outdoor rink while I bought a couple of Finnish knives as souvenirs. We had lunch at 3pm back at the hotel and then went back to our rooms for a nap before a final late night attempt at tracking the Aurora down. We were girding our loins for another midnight effort in the freezing cold with minimal chance of success.

I had actually nodded off to sleep, when at 5pm there came a knocking on our door and the lovely bartender we’ve chatted with all week was shouting “It’s here, you can see the Aurora!” We all dashed out, throwing on what clothes we had to hand. And there it was. At first it was like a long green crack across the sky, with maybe a hint of movement. Over the next ten minutes the crack widened, and then like oil on water it twisted and spread until the entire sky was covered in green and red roiling lines.

People had told us the Aurora was not much to look at, that it looks better on camera. I think we finally got lucky though as we’re apparently being hit with a proper solar storm. The sky was literally alive with activity, even to the naked eye the Aurora looked just like you see in photos. It’s now been a couple of hours and the Aurora comes and goes, but when it is present there’s no mistaking it. The active play of colours and movement across the stretch of the night sky is just awe-inspiring.

Of course now we’ve seen it the boys are saying there’s no need to stay up to midnight tonight and drive around the countryside to see more of it! But as far as I’m concerned this is the best thing ever – I was literally jumping for joy when we ran out earlier and saw it for the first time – and we really can’t see too much Aurora on our last day in Lapland.

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  1. Awesome!! So much good planning and enterprise without which it wouldn’t have happened. And the luck of the solar storm at the right time

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