Why does this keep happening to us?

IMG_1511After our adventures yesterday we sat about in the hotel; the kids did some coding, we played a board game, and then, as it approached time to go to hunt down some food, Declan announced he wasn’t feeling quite right. Within minutes not feeling quite right had turned into not feeling great, and by the time we walked down to the end of the road he vomited.

Thinking maybe he was dehydrated and exhausted after the day we persevered with dinner, but it refused to stay down. It was, unfortunately, apparent that he had ‘eaten something’. So we did a quick rearrangement of sleeping accommodation and I moved in with Declan who proceeded to throw up every 30-45 minutes throughout the night until our 5am wake-up call. When we got together with Jennifer and Callum, we found Callum had started vomiting too in the middle of the night.

A quick conference considering our options led to us deciding to soldier on and head out for Athens. Talk about a miserable journey.

An hour in a bus, two plane flights, another drive, and about 30 sick-bags later we arrived at our very cool hotel in Athens. The boys couldn’t even raise the enthusiasm to admire the walls of their room before crashing. The depressing thing is that they are getting so used to this sort of awful travelling-while-sick experience that they handle it with remarkable aplomb. But it’s simply not a life skill that I want them mastering.

Our fingers are crossed that they’ll wake up over it.

Oh, and for what it’s worth from observing on the way in from the airport – there’s not much traffic on the streets of Athens and there are small queues at ATMs.

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