A rewarding day

Celebrating in Fira.
Celebrating in Fira.

Well today was overwhelmed by the news that both boys won iAwards – between finding out about it, talking to people about it, and generally celebrating it made for a great deal of excitement.

We went and visited Santorini’s main town, Fira, this morning. Fira is pretty enough, but it’s the place the cruise ships moor and transport their passengers in to – so it is very crowded and very touristy. We had a nice ice-cream and caught the cable car down to the port, but it was less than relaxing, especially as Julia was not having a good time, so we gave up after that.

We spent the afternoon on Perivolas Beach which was just great. It wasn’t too crowded and had beautiful water, bordered by a rough, boiling hot, black-sand beach that sucked up the sunlight like a solar sponge. The boys had a great time trying to drown their uncle and I played with Julia. The funny thing on both Santorini beaches we’ve visited so far is that we stand out like sore thumbs in board shorts and rash vests – our lack of oily sunburn is deeply unfashionable. It was well into evening by the time we left and after a quick shower walked down to a local restaurant for a celebratory champagne and dinner while watching the sun set over the Caldera.

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