Cruising the Caldera

Lunch on our boat.
Lunch on our boat.

Our last day on Santorini, saw us hiring a boat to cruise the Caldera. It was a brand new 45-foot Lagoon catamaran complete with crew and it was just amazing.

We cruised from the South side of the island, round the headland and into the Caldera. The beauty of the Caldera is that it not only looks amazing, but it shelters the sea from everything. The water was deep and blue and flat as a pancake. Visibility was amazing; at our second stop we could see the bottom 20m down absolutely clearly.

We stopped a few times for a swim in the waters. There were fish. There were the walls of the crater. There was snorkelling. There was lots of jumping and diving from the side of the boat. Lunch was amazing and left us with the terribly difficult decision of another glass of wine or more swimming. We sort of split the decision.

Oh, but it’s going to be difficult to go home after today.


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