Six days in Fiji: Little frogs, tiny islands, and drinks with umbrellas

Bounty Island.

I’d like to say we’re in Fiji, but realistically we’re in a resort on a resort island in Fiji. Now it may well be that the real Fiji is exactly like this, but I’m simply not in a position to know.

We are very taken with the tiny frogs and miniature finches darting about the carefully manicured lawns, but that’s about as real as it gets. Otherwise it’s all swimming pools, loungers, and over-priced drinks with umbrellas perched on top.

Our one major excursion in the first couple of days was to the Denarau Marina where we discovered slightly cheaper beer.

Day three we cruised out to Bounty Island. Nice enough cruise out with some lovely locals singing and chatting to pass the time. The island itself is a picture-perfect South Pacific island with white sand beaches and cerulean blue waters. The snorkeling was good for the fishes but the corals were devastated by last year’s hurricane and show no signs of recovery.

Malamala Island.

We chose Bounty Island because there were turtles. Sadly this turned out to be a small concrete pool with some turtles sloshing about in it and a single poster claiming they were running a conservation program. It might well be true but, just as we were about to go and listen to the locals give their spiel, disaster fell.

Our day descended into drama when one of the older members of our party [names withheld to protect the innocent] decided to try walking around the island without hat or water and got sun stroke. The remainder of us were just wondering where she was when Bob, who had walked down to the water, burst into a full sprint up the beach. Moments later followed by Ana and then by me. There was much running about and worry, as she was seriously unwell, but all came good in the end. The locals out-did themselves with looking after her.

Locals being lovely was absolutely par for the course – the Fijians we encountered were almost without exception friendly and happy.

Wednesday was more sitting about and recovering from Tuesday’s drama and some actual real-world chores that had to be dealt with via email. Then a spot of sailing with Callum skippering the hobie cat as the day descended into a storm. Dinner that night was a joy with Eva at 16-months absolutely charming us, the other diners, and the locals as she joined in the dancing. Kava was tried and disliked by all.

Thursday we headed out to a different island – Malamala. This one is a seriously tiny spec in the Pacific with lovely beaches – but also, as we were a bit paranoid after Tuesday’s drama, better facilities. ¬†We had a lovely day of snorkeling, kayaking, swimming and generally laying about. There seemed to be some beer as well.

I don’t believe we’ve ever had a holiday where we’ve seen so little of the place we visited. That said we saw a great deal of the family and that was really the point. So a good holiday.

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