Central Park and the Met

Callum being an engineer at the Met.

Today was a much quieter day. We had a leisurely breakfast, did the washing, and Cal filled in all sorts of forms in preparation for starting work when we return home.

After lunch we caught the subway uptown to Central Park and walked through the Park to the Met – the Metropolitan Museum. The Met is extraordinary, largely because it’s a bit like some eccentric, rich collector’s study made into a huge facility. It’s a rabbit-warren of amazing stuff. One minute you’re looking at a 300,000 year-old axe-head and the next you find yourself in front of a totem pole. Turn a corner from an Egyptian sarcophagus and you hit an Italian room completely reconstructed. And on it goes; it’s all interesting stuff and there’s lots of it.

It took an exhausting age to get back to the hotel on the subway after a suicide threw the whole system into chaos. We spent a ridiculous length of time counting rats running across the lines while waiting on various stations.

We finished our tie in New York with a very nice burger meal in a local bar while ‘watching’ American football on TV. Still have not the slightest idea what the game involves, but it felt very local.

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