An exhausting spot of Slovakia

What an exhausting day. We went to Bratislava, which is just over an hour away from Vienna when all goes well. All did not quite go well.

Arriving in Slovakia.

We had a confusion of cancelled trains and complicated tickets to navigate, which meant it was 12:30 before we got to Bratislava. A tram ride took us into the old town which has a nice square. It also had a restaurant recommended by a Slovakian friend of Ana’s which turned out to be great – Slovakian sheep dumplings are highly recommended.

We spent the afternoon exploring the old town and walking up to the Castle. Well many of us walked and Julia and Eva got a lot of carrying, which made everyone else rather more tired than otherwise. Bratislava is nice, but not stunning – at least from what we saw.

Upon returning to Vienna after some more fiddling we found that the supermarkets all close early on Saturday. So we had to find food which also proved frustrating and tiring for quite some time. So we are all pretty much exhausted at this point.

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