Not quite Manly enough

So last night I was sure I wouldn’t be able to continue on in the morning – the pain in my right leg was not creating a happy place. But I woke up feeling lots better and so, after a coffee and toast, set out.

Discretion being the better etc – I skipped the first bit of beach and used the road running parallel. It was a beautiful clear day with a breeze pulling misty plumes off the top of waves and the sunshine turning the surfers into silhouettes.

Then I hit the rough path around Long Reef headland. Fabulous views – but the path was an absolute knee-killer. By the time I got round I was hobbling and limping like some hobbly, limpy thing. The headland is followed by a lagoon and the only practical way forward was along the beach. Luckily the receding tide made for a firm sand experience but I was still slowing with every step.

I really wanted to get through this so just kept stopping to rest and then pushing on. At Curl Curl I stopped and contemplated the next beach and once again decided to push on past a second lagoon. The headland at Harbord afforded more fabulous views – and a punishing descent to the rocks and Freshwater beach.

And that’s where I whimped out. Just short of Manly and and just over 10km from Narrabeen.

I’ve learnt some lessons that hopefully will stand me in good stead on the Camino. But I’m also not convinced the Camino will have a day like yesterday with the beaches and headlands.

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