Camino Day 4

A day to regroup and rest our legs. Jennifer started the day with a couple of meetings while I lazed about enjoying a bowl of muesli with real milk (the Spanish tend to use UHT milk for everything and I can’t abide it). After Jennifer’s first meeting we had a coffee and croissant, in what is now officially our local cafe, and then walked up to the Museum of Navarre.

Our street waking up

The Museum turned out to be a disappointment. Not only was it a bit of a grab-bag of poorly explained historical finds, the rooms after the Romans were closed for the day. So we saw a bunch of flints, some skulls, and a few mosaics and learned little about the area.

Pamplona Cathedral

After a break back at the apartment we set out again for the Cathedral which proved to be a fantastic destination. The Pamplona Cathedral is beautiful in itself but it also has a brilliant museum of its history – a really excellent museum. I am always torn by visiting cathedrals. On the one hand they represent untold wealth extracted from the labour of tens of thousands of believers over the years. On the other, they are beautiful pieces of architecture and come with a deep serenity which I find awesome to behold. Pamplona Cathedral covers both those bases. It also has a stunning and peaceful cloister.


After the Cathedral we had beers and pinchos on Calle de Estafeta and people-watched. Then it was off to the supermarket because tonight there is going to be a home-cooked meal.

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