Camino Day 14

As if to make up for yesterday, today was a lovely walk; even the dying sunflowers looked a little happier.

We had an especially late night last night as we had dinner with our new friends from California. Half way through the Spanish news joined the World in announcing the death of Queen Elizabeth.

This morning, there wasn’t much sleeping-in available though as Jennifer had a meeting with Australia a bit after 7am.

Post-meeting and post-breakfast we set off. Today’s walk is the shortest we’ve done on the Camino – only 12km – so we took it slowly. For the first time in days the path took us through trees, away from roads, and past lovely little villages. And today, yesterday’s headwind dropped to being a cooling breeze. It was quite a lovely walk.

Our hotel, in Villafranca Montes de Orca, is in a great old building beside a church and has a shady terrace to sit and write a blog post on. We passed the afternoon with some drinks and chatting with the New Zealand couple we keep bumping into. A very relaxing day.

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