Camino Day 16

Woke late to the amazing view of the Cathedral. After a leisurely breakfast we visited the inside of the Cathedral which was, as expected, quite beautiful. We did spend a lot of time making sure Eva was entertained by finding the ugliest saint.

My favorite thing, though, is El Cid’s chest. El Cid is to Spain what King Arthur is to England but with more historical reality. The chest is what he used to cheat some bankers by managing to persuade them to lend against its contents sight unseen. He told them it was filled with treasure when it was in fact filled with sand. I’m not sure it reflects well on him but it is a great 1000-year-old slice of history.

Today was largely about the family and ir was just great seeing them. We strolled about, watched mimes perform, visited the playground and had lunch and ice-creams.


Somewhere in there Jennifer and I swapped from our hotel to the apartment we will spend the next four nights in. It doesn’t have a view but is just around the corner from the Cathedral on the main tapas street, so all looks good.

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    1. Photo is of the main stained glass window in the Cathedral. sorry should have labelled but feeling a bit tired after carry niece’s all day

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