Camino Day 18

Dinner at home

We had a home-cooked meal last night and then Jennifer went to bed ready to get up again for her meeting at 2am. The meeting went as well as a meeting at 2am can be expected to go, and she even got some more sleep after it was over. The excellent thing is that it did demonstrate that this idea of long-term traveling while juggling commitments in Australia can work.

Pilgrim tree

In the morning we visited the museum of human evolution. Just up the road from Burgos is the most amazing archeological site where they have found remains that significantly pre-date homo sapien settlement. The museum explains the discoveries and devotes a lot of time to explaining evolution, which may be brave and brilliant idea in a deeply Catholic country.

Brain in a bottle

We moved on to having a huge and extremely tasty lunch in the afternoon. We got lucky and slipped into restaurant we had tried and failed to go to with Bob and Ana on the weekend. Minutes after we got a table a huge queue had formed and it didn’t go away at any point in the couple of hours we sat there.

Lots of coins

In the evening we popped into another Museum. The most interesting the about the Museum of Burgos was the lovely building that houses it. As we were the only visitors the security team were embarrassingly keen to welcome us. Anyway, as it only cost a euro to get in, it was still worth a visit.

After the enormous lunch we’re aiming at bread and cheese and a glass of wine for dinner while watching the new Lord of the Rings series on TV.

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