Camino Day 30

It was 4 degrees when we started out this morning so rather than dodging heat we were searching for it. Beanies and gloves made an appearance for the first time. That said, it was a lovely clear morning and the walking was good.

We are seeing a lot more trees and green fields now and we are walking up and down rolling hills which are a taste of what’s ahead of us. And those mountains keep ending closer up ahead.

Perhaps because of the cold, every village we passed through was shut up tight so we had no coffee stops. Luckily we had apples to have for breakfast at a bench on the trail. We did finally stop at a bar just short of our destination to have what was reviewed as the best tortilla on the Camino. It was good but perhaps not the best.

Astorga was the center of government in Roman times and still sports vestiges of walls and other ruins including a nice mosaic right beside our hotel. There’s also a pretty cool gothic cathedral – although our standards for golden alter pieces and so on are now very high.

The cold weather has instantly changed the eating dynamic. All the lovely terraces and tables in the plazas are now looking windswept and cold. So a new food-hunting experience awaits us this evening.

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