Camino Day 38

Today was a mini version of yesterday, but only 20km. A steep start walking through forest and narrow deep paths on carpets of dead leaves. Small villages dot the trail – mostly surrounding cow farms. As we passed through one village a shepherd moved her flock in front of us.

There were mushrooms and spiderwebs beside the track at several spots. It was nice to see the spiderwebs as simply interesting, instead of the potential danger they would have represented at home.

We walked for a while with a Swedish couple who proudly explained how their backpacks weighed only 5kg – she had borrowed her grandchild’s doll’s comb.

At the top of the trail we were at the same height as the top of the mists shrouding the valleys to our left and we could soon see Sarria, our destination, ahead of us.

Our stable room

Walking into Sarria wasn’t terribly pretty, but it’s not a big place and we soon got past the suburbs to the old town. There we came upon our hostal by chance, and they had our room ready. Our hostal is in a small complex of buildings off the main path and we are staying in the converted stable. Washing done, we’re sitting on deck chairs in the garden while the drifting sounds of jazz compete with birdsong in the background.

We are now just a tad over 100km from Santiago.

2 thoughts on “Camino Day 38

  1. Reading a 2016 travel/food book, Spain had 40 million pigs of varying breeds depending on what part of the country you were in….something you’ve noticed??

  2. Not so many pigs. We have seen – smelled – some. But really we are clearly not in the pig growing part of the country, just the pig eating part

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