Post the walk

What to do when you’ve finished the Camino? People are reluctant to leave the square in front of the Cathedral; leaving will mean your Camino is over.

Our view

For us, we were able to both leave and stay because our hotel was literally beside the Cathedral and makes up one imposing wall of the square. So our post-Camino treat was a suite in the Parador complete with view of the cloister and then a locally flavored gin and tonic to toast being in Santiago de Compestela.

The next day, yesterday, we explored the Cathedral. The highlight was a tour that got us up on to the roof and into the towers. We tried to visit the inside of the a cathedral in the afternoon but were defeated by the dense crowds (we came back at 7am this morning and had a nice silent stroll around).

Then after breakfast we walked down to the train station and caught the train back to Madrid. It’s a bit like surfacing from a dream, step-by-step moving back into the real world.

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  1. Congratulations. Fantastic achievement. We continued on, albeit on a bus, to Fenestere which was where pilgrims of old went and burnt their clothes. It’s a pretty day trip to a fishing village.

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