Salamanca mi casa

Salamanca is to be my home for the next two weeks – and what a beautiful place to settle.

My home in Salamanca

When I got off the train I was a little worried as I walked toward my accommodation – everything looked a little too downtown big-City for my taste. But then things started to improve. I found my accommodation which is in a lovely street which ends with a park and an ancient tower. The apartment is small but modern and has everything I need from a coffee machine to a washing machine. It is also right in the centre things with all the major sights being within a couple of minutes walk.

First tasks were to do a washing and to go shopping at the little supermarket around the corner as I plan to have a home-cooked dinner tonight and watch a movie. I bought fresh milk for my coffee and breakfast, freshly squeezed orange juice (I made the machine do the squeezing, so it couldn’t be fresher), and the makings of a pasta dinner.

Then I set out to explore. As I am here for two weeks doing a Spanish course I don’t want to do everything in the first couple of days. So my plan for today was to tick two essential boxes and then just orient myself.

I found the frog

Essential box number one was to find the frog on the fa├žade of Salamanca Cathedral. This is an ancient tradition for students at Spain’s oldest university. It turns out to be very hard to spot but in what I hope will be an indication of good luck with my course, I got there eventually.

Second stop was much more a personal thing but quite similar in a way. I went to the Cathedral with it’s richly carved portals to find an astronaut. Yes, that’s right an astronaut.

Astronaut on the Cathedral

Time travel? Nah. When they did renovations a couple of decades ago one of the masons followed a rich tradition and added their own flourish – in this case the astronaut. It really is wonderful.

Salamanca is also wonderful – I am captivated. Wandering the old part of town is an absolute joy. Lots of little streets bookended with huge, glorious edifices. Trees and little parks for shade. There’s a lovely university-town buzz to the place that makes the history and buildings come alive.

After blissfully wondering aimlessly I sat at a bar and watched the world go by and planned out numerous possible activities for tomorrow.

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